Warranty, Returns and Exchange Policy

Warranty: RAMTAC Holsters is proud of the product we produce. All Holsters are made in the USA. We source our materials from the same places other Kydex holster manufacturer's do. 

If your RAMTAC Holster is defective, breaks under normal use. I will replace it. 

Understand though, Kydex is a thermal plastic. Meaning that when you open up your packaging, you will feel a rigid, molded plastic holster, but under certain heat and high temperatures, that plastic can soften. when it does, it will want to go to its original form which is a flat sheet. 

DO NOT try to heat your kydex to reform it. Reforming your Kydex will void the warranty. In fact, any damage the holster incurs from self-modification will void the warranty. Just contact us first. 

Returns and Exchanges: If you are not satisfied whatsoever with your RAMTAC holster, I will refund the purchase if you return the product to us. I want you to be satisfied and If I cannot provide the level of service you deserve, I will make sure I correct the issue. 

If you purchase the wrong Item and contact us before we get started on the project, I have no issues making sure we make you the right Holster. RAMTAC Holsters are made to order so I encourage you to check and double check your order before you hit that PURCHASE button. 

I will go out of my way to make sure you're satisfied but if you make a mistake and find that you purchased a wrong Holster, there isn't much I can do. Remember these Holsters are custom, made to order, and in some cases could be special patterns of Kydex or maybe even a complete custom job. Please Contact us at sales@ramtac-holsters.com and we will see what we can do.