Question: I don't see my pistol light; do you offer Holsters for a particular brand of weapon mounted light?

Answer: At the moment we do not. Perhaps in the future, but at the moment only for weapon lights mentioned (TLR1, TLR7, X300 and PL350)

Question: I want my Holster to be a little more customizable than what your menu offers. Can I make upgrades not listed?

Answer: Yes, some upgrades are possible, and I recommend before you make a purchase, contact us via email and we will try our best to accommodate your request.

Question: I don't see my pistol having a holster option, what can I do? I really like your Holsters!

Answer: You can always contact us. It's possible I don't have the gun listed because I simply do not get enough requests, but I may have a gun mold for it.