RAMTAC Holsters was started in 2021 but the idea came about a few years before that. The owner, John Ramos had moved to Texas in 2016 after being stationed for 6 years in a not so gun friendly state.

Upon acquiring a permit to carry concealed, John had a hard time finding the right holster. everything he tried was either a bad fit or a gimmicky item. El Paso didn't offer much at the local gun stores and online shopping was hit or miss. 

He looked into making his own or at least playing with the idea and he realized he had most of what he needed in tools to get a feel for making a Kydex holster. 

At first it was just holsters for himself, but Army Co-workers began to express interest in his work. 

Come around a little over a year ago with a push from his Wife and others he'd made holsters for. RAMTAC Holsters was born. 

RAMTAC Holsters is based out of El Paso Texas. The Owner, John Ramos is currently finishing up his career in the United States Army. 

We source our materials from industry leaders here in the US and all Holsters are hand made by me, John.